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Here at Concrete Structures Ltd, we lay the groundwork for the actual construction, whilst also laying the metaphorical groundwork for a successful contractual project.

We like to keep a project manager on site to ensure the works run smoothly and any unforeseen issues that may arise can be smoothed out quickly and seamlessly. The inclusion of drainage schemes is a good example: they often differ in practice to the original plans, and our professional team are able to adapt swiftly, identifying solutions to keep the project rolling seamlessly.

Our significant experience and the workforce’s combined expertise mean that when you employ us as your contractor, you’ll have complete peace of mind. Our competitive pricing structure keeps you within budget and our consistently high standard of work ensures your approval.


It goes without saying that health and safety is of paramount concern and, prior to starting work, every aspect of the job and its processes are carefully planned. We prepare thorough risk-assessments and method statements along with our design for the works, and we make sure all relevant paperwork is in place before the work begins.


  • Breaking up piles
  • Digging
  • Drainage
  • Excavation
  • Ground support
  • Piling
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